PIPgen aims to train ESRs in a wide range of scientific and complementary competences towards changing the European biomedical landscape in PI3K/PTEN-related diseases.

Training objectives

PIPgen, through the participation of international leaders in the clinical, academic and industrial fields, will provide ESRs with key elements to enhance their career prospects.

  • Provide scientific knowledge on PI3K/PTEN and gain a high level of independent scientific thinking
  • Guarantee a solid basis in research technology and methodology
  • Offer opportunities for entrepreneurship
  • Make ESRs become self-confidence and to develop leadership skills
  • Achieve an inherent capacity to communicate and interact with peers and with the non-scientific community
  • Provide scientific integrity and adherence to the code of conduct

3-Level training

1-RESEARCH: PIPgen will provide elements to yield a group of independent thinkers and researchers with experience in PI3K-related diseases who can approach a problem from different perspectives.

PIPgen training programme will offer:

  • Doctoral Programme: ESRs will enrol in universities to obtain a PhD degree
  • Local training: laboratory meetings and Journal clubs, seminars and scientific and transferable skills trainings offered by the hosting Institutions.
  • Master lessons by PIPgen supervisors
  • Methodological and technical workshopsParticipation in International conferences

2-SOFT SKILLS: to enhance their future employability in science-related careers.

  • Skills for scientist’s courses: emotional health and resilience, leadership, science communication and Bioethics
  • Meet the expert sessions


  • Team Building activities
  • One-to-one ESR-Mentor meetings
  • Foster ESR-PI scientific discussion
  • Secondments