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Sergey Nejentsev


Amsterdam UMC, NL

Sergey Nejentsev is Professor of Translational Immunology at the Department of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology (MCBI) in Amsterdam UMC. After graduating as paediatrician, Sergey did his PhD on genetics of type 1 diabetes and then worked as a postdoc with Prof John Todd in Cambridge. In 2008 he started his independent research group at the department of Medicine in the University of Cambridge investigating molecular mechanisms of immune-mediated disorders. He joined Amsterdam UMC in 2018 to continue these lines of research. Sergey was awarded the Royal Society University Research Fellowship and the Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship in Basic Biomedical Science. His research was also funded by the ERC Starting and ERC Advanced grants, MRC Programme grant as well as project grants from EU FP7, EU H2020 and Wellcome Trust. He published >70 articles, including first-author and last-author papers in Nature, Science, Lancet, Nature Genetics and Nature Communications.


  • Biallelic RIPK1 mutations in humans cause severe immunodeficiency, arthritis, and intestinal inflammation
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  • PI3Kδ and primary immunodeficiencies
    Lucas CL, Chandra A, Nejentsev S, Condliffe AM, Okkenhaug K. Nat Rev Immunol. 2016. 16(11):702-714.  Epub 2016 Sep 12. Review.
  • Susceptibility to tuberculosis is associated with variants in the ASAP1 gene encoding a regulator of dendritic cell migration.
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  • Phosphoinositide 3-kinase δ gene mutation predisposes to respiratory infection and airway damage
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  • Rare variants of IFIH1, a gene implicated in antiviral responses, protect against type 1 diabetes
    Nejentsev S, Walker N, Riches D, Egholm M, Todd JA. Science. 2009 Apr 17;324(5925):387-9. 
  • Localisation of type 1 diabetes susceptibility to the MHC class I genes HLA-B and HLA-A
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