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Loïc Ysebaert


Institut national de la santé et de la recherche, France

Prof. Loïc Ysebaert is Senior Haematologist and professor of Hematology since 2016 (University of Toulouse-3), working in the Comprehensive Cancer Centre of Toulouse, IUC Toulouse – Oncopôle, where he leads clinical and translational studies in the field of indolent and aggresive B-cell lymphomas. He is associate Researcher at the Inserm UMR1037-team 9, noLYMITS (novel lymphoma immune-therapeutic strategies).

He is member of the scientific boards of the LYmphoma Study Association (LYSA) and the French CLL study group (FiLO-LLC), and as such is the local coordinator for the trials led by these national collaborative groups. As an Associate Researcher at the Cancer Research Center of Toulouse), he is involved in translational research in the field of indolent B-cell lymphomas, especially how impact of tumor microenvironment on resistance towards immunotherapies (thanks to 3D modelling and single-cell transcriptomic analyses). Together with Julie GUILLERMET-GUIBERT, he participates to the PIPGEN network as a co-coordinator of the PhD project 12 “Treg evolution in B cell lymphoma patients under idelalisib”.


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