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Lluís Armengol


qGenomics, Spain

Lluis Armengol received his PhD in biochemistry from the University of Barcelona in 2005. He carried out his thesis work between the IRO and the CRG institutes, working in the identification of genetics basis of complex diseases and genomic disorders. He mainly approached those challenges dealing with early genomic technologies, bioinformatics and biostatistics, that he continued to work with in his postdoc at the CRG. Back in 2009, he moved to the dark side of science and co-founded qGenomics, together with Profs. Estivill and Pérez-Jurado. At qGenomics, we combine basic and applied research in the rare diseases field, with the translation of genomic knowledge into real and usable tools for diagnostic of human diseases. He continues linked to the academia by collaborating in different master degrees from different local universities, as well as an associate editor for a couple international journals in the field of medical genomics. He is currently the CSO and CEO of qGenomics.