ESRs participated in May 2023 in an amazing 3 days Summer Business School in Genève. The workshop organized by iOnctura together with FONGIT a Switzerland innovation hub ( ) was called “From idea to innovation with impact” and aimed to teach ESRs on how to transit from an idea to a start up. Early researchers learned about business ideas, business creation, business plans, etc and were introduced to the concepts of IP, project management, clinical development planning, and business development.

ESRs actively participated in the activities organized by FONGIT and had the invaluable opportunity to learn from the personal experiences of the invited speakers founders of GliaPharm and Mintaka Foundation. An added value of the participation of ESRs in the summer school was the opportunity to directly interact with people from iOnctura, Fongit and with the invited entrepreneurs; this allow them to establish connections with industry professionals, and to increase their network of contacts from different backgrounds, potentially opening doors to future career prospects.