This week has begun the PIPgernating ART project, a program aimed at merging art and science. Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) alongside artists from CSVPA have embarked on a journey to explore the boundaries between these two disciplines and discover new forms of knowledge and expression.
The first online workshop took place on February 21st, 2024, where we had the privilege of receiving training from Heather Barnett. Heather is an artist working with living systems and imaging technologies, a researcher, educator and the pathway leader of MA Art and Science at the University of the Arts London (UAL) a course that investigates the creative relationships between art and science and how to communicate them.
During the session, Heather explain a bit of the history of art and science and organized an activity in breakout rooms where participants interpreted different images to understand that each individual sees the world differently. We also discussed what we believe will make for a successful collaboration, and we shared aspirations, concerns, or fears we have about starting the project.

This first workshop also marked the first time that ESRs and Art students from CSVPA met each other. This exciting journey has just started! Stay tuned for more updates!