Fatemeh Omidi (ESR15)

I am Fatemeh, the ESR15 of the PIPGen project. In February 2022,  I joined the R&D department of qGenomics company to work on a project aimed at better classifying the genomics variants using machine learning algorithms.

I got my master’s in human genetics and my bachelor’s in molecular genetics. Before qGenomics, I was working on whole-exome sequencing data in a lab in Iran, and then I decided to study abroad and go further in bioinformatics and AI technology.

Now I’m so excited that I have the opportunity to be a member of the PIPGen network. Project 15 has an exceptional appeal for me because, hopefully, I will be able to work on real-world data and see the result in a clinical context.

My supervisors

 Lluís Armengol

My co-supervisors

Jairo Rodriguez