Collado Remacha, Jose Alberto (ESR1)

Alberto was born in 1997, Mallorca (Spain). In 2015 he started his four-year BSc in Biotechnology (UPV, València). During that time, he joined a wide array of labs, a first experience in Viroids and plant research (Prof. Ricardo Flores) pushed him to pursue animal research. Together with Prof. José Salvador Vicente he trained in lagomorph animal models.

In 2018 he joined Dr. Rosa Farras’ oncogenic signaling lab (CIPF, València), where he aided in the generation of primary cultures and PDX models. For his BSc thesis he performed a proof of concept for a pH dependent drug in monolayer and tumorosphere cultures.

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With a recently acquired interest in pharmacology he enrolled in the MSc ‘Genes, Drugs & Stem Cells’ at Imperial College London (2019-2020). For his MSc thesis he joined Dr. George Poulogiannis’ lab where special focus was given to therapeutically target activated PIK3CA breast cancer mutants through arachidonic acid pathways. The 2020 pandemic modified it to a dry lab project.

Now, under the supervision of Prof. Vanhaesebroeck he aims to keep studying PI3Kα biology, with special interest in therapeutically targeting it in cancer.


My supervisors

 Bart Vanhaesebroeck

My co-supervisors

Sarah Conduit