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Isabel Mendizabal


CIC bioGUNE, Spain

During her studies in Biology, Isabel Mendizabal became particularly interested in genomics and evolution. Her PhD (Prof. David Comas lab, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2012) focused on computational genomics. She studied the role of human evolution in shaping genetic diversity and complex phenotypes. In 2013, Isabel joined the laboratory of Prof. Soojin Yi at Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA) to study the epigenomic mechanisms that regulate cell-type specific transcriptional programs. By integrating multi-“omics” data from clinical datasets, as well as from primate species, her research has contributed to address timely questions about disease etiology, especially on neuropsychiatry and cancer. In 2019, Isabel Mendizabal joined Prof. Arkaitz Carracedo’s lab at the CIC bioGUNE in Bilbao to strengthen the experimental and clinical angles of her research and extend its translational impact in cancer. She has recently obtained independent funding as principal investigator from Ikerbasque (2020) and CRIS Cancer foundations (2021) to develop novel lines of research on the emergent field of cancer evolutionary epigenomics.