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Benoit Bilanges



Dr. Benoit Bilanges is a Senior Research Fellow working in the laboratory of Bart Vanhaesebroeck at UCL Cancer Institute, (London, UK). Benoit has a long-standing involvement in cancer research with a particular interest and expertise in cell signalling and metabolic pathways including PI3K/AKT/mTORC1, AMPK and autophagy pathways in cancer and in insulin resistance associated diseases. Following his PhD at Montpellier University (France), Benoit carried out postdoctoral studies in David Stokoe’s lab at the UCSF Cancer Institute, San Francisco (USA) where he studied the role of the PI3K/TSC/mTOR pathway and mRNA translation in cancer. In 2007, Benoit joined Bart’s Cell Signalling group where he investigated the role of class II and III PI3Ks and its metabolic impact in vivo as well as its cell intrinsic mechanisms. Currently, Benoit is leading projects focusing on new ways of modulating the class I PI3Ks in search for novel anti-cancer therapy.