And more insights into Patient Perspectives: GoPi3K seminar. DO NOT MISS IT

Continuing with the activities proposed within the PIPgenerating ART program, we will host another seminar with a patient group. This time, we have organised a talk with two members of the charity GoPI3K. GoPI3K is a charity for those living with and affected by Segmental overgrowth in the PIK3CA gene, known as PROS: (PIK3CA Related Overgrowth Spectrum). 

We are proud to organise events like this, where we will hear first-hand stories from people affected by disorders in the PI3K pathway. As researchers it is always an eye-opening experience to contextualise our research by listening to real-life stories from affected people, and we are thrilled to have this event open to the public.

Join us from anywhere!

Wednesday 29th of May, 17.00 CET